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Zain DRC (Congo)
Telecom Kiosk with Public Pay Phone - Zain - Drc
Customer - Celtel / Zain DRC
Year - 2006

Omni Kiosk - Zain DRC (Congo) Omni Kiosk with Public Pay Phone - Zain DRC

One of our regular products The Omni Kiosk 1 X 1 Version, already a successful product in the TELECOM SECTOR, was under active consideration by ZAIN (CELTEL), DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) for mass scale deployment all over DRC. This was in the year 2006.

During our interaction with the ZAIN Marketing Team, Mr. Jacob Okoth and Mr. Bertin Mparanyi heading their Payphone Marketing briefed us on their requirements and the need for a one stop total solution, wherein their customer could avail the complete services under one roof. This is when the idea of Omni Kiosk 2 X 1 version with a separate Public Booth for Payphone calling took birth.

Within a very short time span of less than a day our design team modified the design of the Kiosk suiting to ZAIN requirements which was immediately accepted.

Following this we immediately supplied 300 Kiosks followed by 1500 more Kiosks. These Kiosks have been very successful in DRC and have been accepted by one and all resulting in substantial revenue increases for ZAIN DRC.

Now ZAIN is contemplating to replicate this payphone business model for their other regions in Africa. Further we are improving on the product by adding Solar Cell Modules so as to make the Kiosk run on Green Energy and provide more services and convenience to the end customers.