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Advertising Helium Balloons Sky Dancers - Kiosks

Dancing Inflatables silhouetted against sky or any backdrop standing tall and slender with random swaying, is another lively and innovative concept for advertising. Built from stung durable and highly flexible material constantly swaying sky dancers are wonderful attention grabbers and tend to fascinate and amuse the audiences effectively driving home the message.

These sky-dancers are frequently used by event managers to liven-up diverse type of events. They are very popular at sporting events, expositions, entertainment parks etc. These sky dancers can be crafted in several creative designs including character shapes and caricatures.

Inflatable Seasonal Concepts

Seasonal inflatable concepts otherwise known as holiday Inflatables are icon replicas in different sizes that met aphorize holidays and festivities seasons. They are ideal for capturing attention and unite peoples through sense of belonging. They are ideal for display at retail stores, malls, entertainment parks and even in front of homes.

Custom design inflatable concepts are widely used during Valentine season, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Thanks Giving, Halloween, Mother's & Father's Days or any other festive season around the world.

Helium Filled Air-Borne Inflatable Concepts

Helium Filled Air-Borne Inflatables (also termed as balloons) are designed to provide high visibility over long distances. They are manufactured from laminated high quality polyvinyl material capable of sustaining internal gas pressure, weather elements and UV Radiation. Air-borne Inflatables are excellent props for special promotions, events, trade fairs, product launches etc. They can be manufactured in different shapes, sizes and color schemes. This concept is sure to attract eyeballs and drive more attention to your intended message, cut clutter and enhance the GRP.

All our helium inflatable products are supplied with standard accessories such as repair kit, tarpaulin sheet, net covering and cotton anchoring lines and anchor system, installation

Cold Air Inflatable Costumes

Fan powered air circulated inflatable costume is an interactive concept. These costumes can be created in custom shapes according to the communication need of the customers. They can be mascots, products, brands, specific characters, logos, messages etc. Inflatable costume can be easily adorned by individuals and become mobile. They are very apt for use at malls, trade shows, expositions, sporting events and any other place where there is presence of target audience. These costumes are light weight and battery powered. The circulating air keeps the wearer cool and comfortable.

The design and production team can absorb almost all dynamics of design and present the desired costume to the clients as per their visualization. This is a very effect way of homing in a message on target audience.