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Cold Air Giant Inflatable Concepts - 7 to 70 feet Tall

Giant Inflatables are designed and produced for prominence. The enormity of customer's mass communication concept (Product, Logo, Mascot etc.) is sure to attract eyeballs and drive more attention to our intended message thus enhancing the GRP. Cold Air Inflatables are manufactured from high quality silicon coated material. They have weather and UV resistant properties. They are produced in true likeness of color, shape and proportion to give the desired effect, thanks to the cutting edge technology and experienced skillful hands.

All our giant inflatable products are supplied with tether lines for securing and the requisite blower system. A durable bag is provided for transportation and secured storage. Lighting systems is an option available to customers interested in increasing the dramatic effect for the concept and be visible in the dark.

Inflatable Kiosks & Pop-up Tents

Inflatable Tents/kiosks, is the result of years of comprehensive research and development right from the selection of material to structural safety, stress distribution, shapes, creative branding to aesthetic appeal.

Inflatable tents/kiosks are very effective in showcasing your products and services as they come with all the attributes and advantages that are associated with this medium of mass communication.

They are reusable and thus are cost effective over a long period of time. Every time they are inflated they are bound to attract attention and churn the magic.