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The GLOBAL leader for Retail Front Facing Shelf Management Solutions

POS Tuning, Germany are the Global leader for Retail Front Facing Shelf Management Solutions and for Product Display Optimisation at the Point of Sale with the following objectives

  • Increase of sales success
  • Improving the shopping convenience for consumers
  • Minimizing the shelf-care expenses
  • Optimizing the Supply Chain

As the studies have proven that the quality of product display at the Point of Sale significantly influences sales success and supports product availability and brand awareness. The POS Tuning Shelf Merchandising System creates visual impact and provides convenient product handling for consumers as well as merchandisers.

The use of POS-T Push Feed System offers following benefits for Product Display at the Point Of Sales...

  • Product permanently upright and facing to consumer
  • Product always apparent to consumer
  • Product reachable at the shelf edge
  • Providing clear overview on assortment and brands
  • Securing right retail space for the brands

POS Tuning has a wide range of Shelf Merchandising Systems suitable for varied products for space optimization at POS Display...

Push Feed Systems for FMCG Products

The POS-T Pushfeed assures an optimal visibility of your product by automatically pushing the remaining items at the very edge of the shelf after each shopping action.

POS System Trays (Customized)

The POS-T System Tray allows our customers to optimize the presentation while lowering the costs of logistics and shelf maintenance.

Roller Feed System for Beverages

Front Facing by Gravity, using the POS-T Rollerfeed you realize a perfect front presentation for a lot of products at the very front of the shelf, no matter if these are folding boxes, thermoformed cups, tins or bottles as well as for large and heavy products, such as six packs or containers.

Lift and Management System for Deep Freezers and Cooling Shelves

... are technical devices that lift products e.g. in bunker freezers by use of this system continuously lifting up to a specified level, ensuring the right placement and in a systematic order at the same time