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Innovaxis is a creative unit that focuses on design, development and marketing of products for Retail Vending & Brand Communication Equipment since more than a decade.

Innovaxis (India) Private Limited started office in 2006 in India; prior to which it was a SBU (Strategic Business Unit) of Simba Plastics Co Limited at Dares Salaam, Tanzania. The Company belongs to Sumaria Group, a reputed Business Group based in East Africa.

Innovation Focused at Value Addition - the difference we add to the equipment that is conceived & developed by us. Innovaxis is a full-service product design & Development Company.

Design Competency - Our conception and 3D Design competency enables us to look at the dimensions of form & function, freight efficiency, durability, branding surfaces & ergonomics.

Brand Success - We believe Brand, Vendor & Consumer are key constituencies that make or break the success of any brand or product. We have extensive experience in retail vending & brand communication equipments for Beverages, Telecom & Tobacco Sector. We also specialize in POS/Advertising Products. Currently we are exporting our products to more than Twenty Five Countries.

Innovaxis provides clients with User Research, Interface Development, Industrial Design, Prototyping and Manufacturing Liaison services. Our clients include some of the most prestigious companies in the world, including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dasani, Malta, Celtel, Zain, Tigo, Vodacom, Simu4u, Tanzania Cigarette Company (TCC), British American Tobacco (BAT), as well as many other leading and emerging firms.

Our Aim

Our aim is to be the global leader in our industry based on consistent quality and execution, exceptional customer-aligned service and constant innovation.

  • To develop innovative solutions for our esteemed customers that extend sales in new & existing markets, at the same time improving brand presence.
  • To Specialize in Below the Line (BTL) activities of brand communication, and focus on value addition to consumer brand experience.
  • To align brand communication effectively with investments made in Above the Line (ATL) strategies, so that the consumer feels the continuity of brand position throughout the whole marketing-sales cycle.
  • Resulting in increase our customer's sales, increase in their market share, increase in their brand presence and above all deliver a brand experience to build lasting brand loyalty.
We become partners with our clients, viewing ourselves as an extension of their in-house teams, and integrating smoothly into their development systems. Innovaxis philosophy is to produce innovation; to develop products that are intuitive to users; to engineer and design products for efficient manufacturing; and to shorten development cycles, helping clients bring their products to market quickly and cost-effectively.


Creating unique solutions through co-creation & research which will have high recognition in our target markets and product categories.


By 2012 we will be a leading design to Delivery Company, creating unique solutions for the consumer to experience the essence of a brand through memorable personal interactions. This will be achieved by research and co-creation with customers who value innovation and want high market visibility.


Through a high speed, high competence and focused team that delivers a wow experience to progressive customers who value innovation, we will create unique solutions in select categories for the consumer & OEM segments and build a company of sustainable and high value, recognized in all the markets & communities it operates in as a leader in our field, and a trusted partner.
Innovation begins with Innovaxis . . .

Our Values
  • We will work with pride and unwavering integrity to help our clients accelerate their profits and market shares.
  • We will listen to our clients and commit ourselves to consistently meeting or exceeding their expectations with forethought, flexibility, customer-focused service and quality on-time deliverables.
  • We are committed to strategically growing the company through constant improvement of our operations and pursuing opportunities to further our business model and capabilities.
  • We recognize our employees as the cornerstone of our success and will strive to provide a supportive and respectful environment that provides meaningful and challenging work and opportunity to acquire valuable skills. We recognize teams and individuals who make ownership, quality and a solution-focused 'can do' attitude hallmark of their work.
We bring our unique innovation methodologies and expertise to the table to complement our clients' abilities, not override them. We believe, when it comes to choosing a product development company, clients want

  • Award-winning capabilities
  • Depth of experience and expertise
  • A strong and stable management team
  • Excellent communication and responsiveness to the client
  • A track record of tangible results
  • Proven ability to deliver successful products that can be manufactured on time and within on budget
We provide real results, real products that flow smoothly into production without any of the surprises that can derail a program.

Real products that can change your market position and change peoples' lives

User Interface

At Innovaxis, we understand that there is a market need behind every successful product idea. (One may create a need also) Consistently satisfying these needs over time is the foundation for our clients' long-term success. For this reason, we have the ability to truly understand consumers' attitudes and behaviors and effectively incorporate these into the design process.

Through user research, we can identify those attributes that make a product more appealing to the end consumer, whether it is through ergonomics, enhanced feature sets, functionality, or style. As simple as it sounds, it is not always easy to recognize these market needs, estimate the opportunity they represent, and translate them into successful product solutions. With an emphasis on creative problem-solving, we can help organizations identify and realize their market opportunity by providing product-based user research that complements their current marketing efforts.

Interface Development
In today's competitive market, the user's experience can be the critical determinant of a product's success. Whether your product is aimed at the beverages, telecom or tobacco market, a carefully designed user interface that is harmonious with your marketing goals and the industrial & mechanical design is crucial. The product's displays, and the controls that coordinate with them, need to provide compelling and memorable interactions that meet the highest standards of usability and utility.

Our interface design team consists of specialists in Usability Research, Interaction Design, and Technical Documentation. Our team's development methodologies encompass every aspect of interface design, from discovery, research and goal definition to the final interface specification. We tailor our process to each client in order to design distinct interaction solutions that are appropriate for each project.

Industrial Design

Our search for innovation comes from the knowledge that the market is always seeking for something new, something better. We provide our clients with a range of solutions so that they can select a level of innovation that is comfortable for them and their market.
Programs begin with Innovaxis's Innovation Workshop session. This dynamic brainstorming session seamlessly provides our creative team with information that supports the development of products that are successful because they are user-centered and market-driven.

Manufacturing considerations are an integral part of our design process, including investigation of various manufacturing processes and appropriate, cost-effective design for the selected process, as well as design for assembly and servicing. This focus on the practical side of design allows us to transition smoothly into the engineering phases of a project, assuring the quality of the final product.

At Innovaxis, we consider prototyping to be an integral and essential part of the development process. We offer in-house prototyping for verification of engineering data and to allow design evaluation.

From Concept to Product . . .