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Kiosk & Vending Solutions

Kiosk & Vending Solutions Omni Kiosks Cabins

Omni Kiosks are available in the following modular dimensions

Options Dimensions
1 x 1 1 x 1m
2 x 1 1.15 x 2.15m
2 x 2 2.15 x 2.15m
3 x 3 2.5 x 2.5m

  • Use of high impact LLDPE Plastic material makes it 100% rust-proof, termite proof and waterproof.
  • Can be manufactured in multiple combinations of brand colours.
  • Ensures vibrant and consistent brand identity across global markets despite different size requirements.
  • Seamless, slant roof design helps easy drainage during rains and also avoids leakages.
  • DCH (Door Counter Hatch) concept provides absolute functional ease.
  • Provision for optional translucent panels to be used as integrated glow signs.
  • Provision for inbuilt brackets, accessories and shelving modules.
  • Easily re-locatable. OMNI can be dismantled and relocated as per market needs.
  • Options to accommodate exterior visual branding merchandize using decals or ABS posters.

  • Longer Life - Made by High Impact Plastic hence non-corrosive, non-rotting, no painting required.
  • Consistency in Brand Identity - Despite different sizes.
  • Higher Brand Visibility - Omni Kiosk is taller hence provides more visibility in the market place.
  • High Aesthetics - Translucent panels allow back lit options and glow sign functions.
  • Multi Colour Options.
  • Modularity - offers various foot prints, with similar identity.
  • Leak Proof - Special seam less roof design.
  • Easy Drainage - Slant roof design.
  • Space Saving - Introducing DCH (Door Counter Hatch) concept.
  • Freight Friendly - Available in CKD form.
  • Movable - Easy to assemble and dismantle, thus giving mobility for future.