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FAQ for Cold Air Inflatables

Q. Where can they be displayed?

A. Display them at on rooftops, car-tops, parks, beaches, and intercity terminals, in front of show rooms and supermarkets -- in short wherever people are.

Q. How can we display the Inflatables?

A. An inflatable is inflated with a cold air fan. This fan needs to run as long as you want the inflatable displayed. An instruction manual explains all the details.

Q. Which material is used to make the Inflatables?

A. A specially treated long-lasting silicon coated nylon fabric is used. This material is of international quality standards and is weather resistant.

Q. What are the maintenance costs?

A. The maintenance costs involved are negligible as the cold air blowers consume only a few units of electricity per day.

Q. How do we repair the Inflatables?

A. Minor cuts or punctures do not affect the Inflatables when on display. They can be easily repaired after the display. For extensive damages, factory repair services are available at very nominal charges.

Q. How long do the Inflatables last?

A. The life of the Inflatable depends on the maintenance. Please check out our instructions manual for the Inflatables to last for years.

Q. What accessories come with the Inflatables?

A. The package includes an electric blower, tie down ropes, tarpaulin sheet, electric extension cord, iron pegs, repairing material. All these accessories are supplied to you in a carry bag.

Q. Can the Inflatable be hoisted in the sky?

A. The cold air Inflatables are designed to be displayed on a base. They cannot be hoisted in the air by filling them with helium gas.

FAQ for Balloons

Q. Where can we hoist the Balloons?

A. Balloons can be hoisted at exhibition grounds, public parks, shopping complexes ...

Q. How do we hoist Balloons?

A. Just fill the Balloon with Helium gas and it is ready to fly. For detailed procedure on how to hoist Balloons, follow our demonstration on the video cassette that is supplied along with the Balloon.

Q. Where do we get Helium gas?

A. Any standard industrial gas supplier should be able to provide you the same.

Q. What are the maintenance costs?

A. A standard 12-ft diameter size Balloon consumes approximately 25 cubic meters. Helium initially to maintain it for 30 consecutive days; another 13 cubic meters of Helium is required in normal climatic conditions.

Q. Will the Balloons be affected by changing climatic conditions ?

A. The Balloons can withstand winds up to 25Kmph and can be hoisted in all seasons.

Q. How do we repair Balloons?

A. Most repairs can be carried out on the field within a few minutes. A repair kit is provided with each balloon.

Q. Can we move the Balloons frequently?

A. Yes. You can shift the location of the balloon as, when and wherever you need.

Q. How long do the Balloons last?

A. Depending on how you maintain the Balloons, they last about 8-10 months. Please follow the maintenance instructions as described on the video cassette.

Q. Can we change the artwork / message on the balloon?

A. Yes. You can change the artwork / message when and how you want.

Q. Which material is used to make the Balloons?

A. Balloons are made of special rubberized Vinyl material, which greatly extends their life expectancy and ensures gas retention.

Q. Which accessories do you provide?

A. A. These Balloons come as a complete package -- artwork, covering net, tarpaulin sheet, repairing kit and a demonstration video cassette.

FAQ for Inflatable Costumes

Q. Where can we use them?

A. Use them during sporting events, fairs, festivals, parades, in front of fast food centres etc.

Q. How do we set-up the inflatable costumes?

A. Setting up these costumes is as simple as wearing a shirt or a trouser. Just unpack the costume, roll it out and put it on. Take care only when you are inserting your hands and feet -- to ensure that the costume does not get out of shape.

Q. Which material is used to make the costumes?

A. Rib Stop industrial strength nylon.

Q. Will it be suffocating or hot for the person wearing the costume?

A. No. The blower continuously circulates fresh air -- so there is no chance of feeling hot or suffocated.

Q. What are the maintenance costs?

A. They are negligible -- in fact minimal.

Q. Can we wash the costumes if they get dirty?

A. Yes. They can be washed. Just don't use strong soaps or detergents. Also, do not scrub the surface too hard as it can damage the art work. Use a mild-cleaning agent to wash.

Q. How do we repair the costumes?

A. Minor cuts or holes will not affect the costume during displays. However, they can be easily repaired later. For extensive damages, factory repair service is available at nominal charges.

Q. How long do these last?

A. If maintained and stored properly, these costumes can last as long as you want them.

Q. Which accessories are provided as part of the package?

A. These costumes come with an internal blower, international quality battery along with a spare one and an instruction manual.

  Our Inflatables Our Competitors Comments / Remarks
Materials Both side coated 1000 denier nylon fabric, UV resistant and fire retardant. Most of them use 800 denier polyester with both side coated and UV resistant and fire reluctant. Nylon is 40% more stronger than polyester.
Threads We use UV protected 6.6 nylon bonded threads. Most of them use 6.0 simple nylon bonded thread. 6.6 nylon thread is 100% stronger than regular 6.0 thread.
Innovation We pioneered the practice of providing an extra layer of protection to the bouncy in places which are prone to extra stress and usage. So far no one has done that. This increases the life span by 20% to 30%.
Accessories The prices we quote are inclusive of blower and other accessories. They quote prices separately for each and every accessory. All accessories put together will cost around US$ 650 minimum.
Flexibility We do not restrict ourselves to producing standard models and dimensions. Almost all of them restrict themselves to standard models and dimensions. You will not be charged extra for customized designs and dimensions.
Pricing The prices we quote are most competitive as compared to anyone in the world. Check their pricing. There is a lot of savings.